What is Tree Trimming or Pruning?

Keeping a tree healthy primarily depends on how well you take care of it. Nearly all home-owners want their trees to look natural and their best while ensuring proper sturdy growth and avoid turning their tree into a safety risk in the long run.

One of the most significant tree care works to improve your tree is trimming or pruning. Trimming or pruning is the selective removal of branches from a tree. Getting rid of dying or unwanted branches, in turn, improves the tree’s structure, promoting new and healthy development.

What are the Types of Trimming?

It is highly recommended to hire a professional or certified arborist to evaluate your tree for proper trimming and identify the best trim for each tree. A breakdown of the most common tree trimming or pruning types are:

  • Deadwooding- selectively removing only dead, dying, and decaying branches only.
  • Thinning- focus mainly on thinning the tree’s canopy. It makes way for the air and wind to pass. Hence, reducing the friction that may result in branches breaking during storms.
  • Raise Canopy- This process removes the bottom branches and raises the tree which usually applies to trees obstructing the walkway or driveway. This helps the sunlight to reach the plants and grass below.
  • Canopy Cleaning- considered as the most thorough type of pruning or trimming. Following the advice of a professional, canopy cleaning involves the removal of all dead, dying, or decaying wood. This includes sucker and sprout growth in the canopy. Proper cleaning should be followed to maintain the tree’s natural form or direct growth.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

A properly trimmed tree has plenty of positive end results. Some of which are:

  • Eliminates broken, dying, and dead branches.
  • Remove the safety risk it carries by preventing sudden breakage of branches that can cause potential damage to properties and anyone below.
  • Promote the development of new and healthy branches.
  • Controls the growth depending on your terms to prevent branches from hanging over the roof and stretching into power lines.
  • Trimming increases sun exposure and air circulation in the center of the tree. This is much needed for proper and healthy growth.
  • Improves the overall structure and looks of your tree.
  • Increase the tree’s value and aesthetics of your landscape.

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