Tree Disease

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With the number of trees that surround Springfield, it wouldn’t be a surprise that some of them may already be infected with a disease. Do not worry; it’s not a disease that can affect humans, more of losing every tree surrounding a specific diseased one. Your cherished tree that has sat quietly in your yard for decades deserves the best treatment and diagnosis. The difference of tree diseases is that there is a variety that can affect specific specie, it’s not like one disease can affect all. Each tree can be given a different form of treatment and the company on the job must know how to nurture these trees.

There are vital factors that you should consider as you hire someone to manage the job for you,

They must know how to DIAGNOSE

So before you let anyone touch the trees around your home, check their capability in diagnosing the scene, to apply the necessary actions and treatment to take. Understanding the symptoms and generating the plan of action is something we surely do as our prerogative is to serve. If you already see signs that your tree is infected, give us a call right away, quick treatment can save the trees life. We want to diagnose the tree before taking action, because as a company if we aren’t thinking about the next steps can cause the project we are working on.

They treat the tree with RESPECT

After providing the necessary treatment needed, we wouldn’t just let it be, as a company we would also monitor the progress and act accordingly. That means that we would conduct regular visits until the tree is fully healed is done on our end. Like doctors, we have committed to ensuring the life of the tree given to us. Follow-up treatments and regimens will be done on our part because we wouldn’t want the disease to spread across your home/neighborhood.

They know that there is no such thing as IMMUNITY

Just like the form of vitamins and vaccines that humans take, this can’t guarantee that you are susceptible to all possible diseases; this just means that you can avoid some of them. The same goes for trees, they can be treated to avoid other diseases, and however, they can still get ill. Knowing the types of trees and species that they are under can aid in the treatment, our specialist have majored and focused on the field to know what they are doing.

They must know the SYMPTOMS

Just by the looks of it, you can’t truly tell what is wrong with a specific tree, further investigation and study must be done. We are committed to knowing the disease and the symptoms that come with t, assuring that the next actions taken will help the healing process.  Once you notice something different with your tree, don’t hesitate to contact us to have this assessed and processed, this can save the life of your tree. Imagine the first tree that a family member planted generations back, and you just watched it die. Our team can ensure that your family heirloom is handled with the care and respect that it deserves.

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