Stump Removal and Grinding

arborist resting on a tree

Are you one of the people that would just say “it’s just a stump”, but deep down you see it every day and slowly realize how it can be an eyesore? Did you ever notice that as your kids play in your yard, the risk of an injury due to this would be chaotic? People who have experienced the injury due to a stump know what we are talking about, and there are two ways to get rid of this, through removal and grinding. Our company specializes in both and can attest to the guarantee that the stump will bug you no more. Stump removal and grinding are some of our most sought after service across Springfield.

 There are vital factors that you should consider as you hire someone to manage the job for you,

EFFICIENCY is vital in their service

If a tree professional can’t eliminate the roots that have grown with the stump, then you can expect that stump to grow as the days progress. We take pride in the certainty that we are efficient in accomplishing the task of removing the stump including the roots that have grown with it. Not just for the sake of having it removed. With Tree Service Springfield IL the stump is removed for future generations to come.

They must know when to GRIND it or REMOVE it

Stump grinding is the process in which the machine would shred the stump to its tiniest form that wouldn’t have to bother you. Yes, there is a complete difference in using a machine to shred a stump from digging in deep to have the entire thing removed. Luckily, our customers can request for a pre-assessment of their home so that they would know what service they would have done. Purchasing a service that you wouldn’t know what the process is can be risky for your safety. We are certain that the assessment done will be the best option for your home, we do not care about the money spent, and however, we do care about the success of each project.


We aren’t just hired to do a task; we are dedicated to making your home a better place. There may be stumps that have already spread out throughout your home that have been invisible to the naked eye, our team will invest the time in finding the root cause just to ensure that the job is finished and it is done right. We provide classes and certification for our esteemed professionals so that they are on top of the matter at hand, we will not send people out who are not credible to accept the project.

They accept every CHALLENGE

Stump removal and grinding can be very difficult; our team is ready to take the challenge head-on. If you hire people that are not willing to accept the challenge, and they are not educated on the matter, it can cause irreparable damage and risk the safety of your home. Rest assured that after leaving your home, we have left without damages. Stump removal and grinding can severely damage your home, however, since we have accepted the challenge, with utmost care and safety, the damage left will be minimal and you wouldn’t have to worry about the image it leaves. Since we can minimize the damage, the effect on visual aesthetics will not be altered.

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