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How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps?

Trees offer a wide range of benefits to the environment and most especially to your own landscape. A healthy tree greatly boosts the value of your property and aesthetics.

Given that you are always doing regular maintenance of your tree to keep the tree in good health, time comes when a tree hits its breakpoint or reaches its lifespan, and thus, necessitates the cutting down of your tree.

Should Stumps be Remove?

Once a tree has been cut down, a small remaining portion of the trunk including its root still in the ground is left called a tree stump. Generally, certified and trained arborists highly recommend the removal of tree stumps for some of the following reasons:

  • To prevent the growth and spreading of decay.
  • Tree stumps over time invite unwanted species and may house termites, ants, snakes, etc.
  • Eliminates the tripping hazard which is dangerous to one’s safety.
  • It limits the mobility and area of your lawn
  • Planting new plants is difficult when the stump and far-reaching roots are in the way.

Ways to Remove Tree Stumps?

Removing and or grinding it down is the best way to deal with tree stumps. Stump grinding and stump removal both have their pros and cons. Selecting which method you will apply depends on your plans for your landscape.

Stump Removal– This involves lifting the massive tree stump and digging out all of its extensive roots. This method involves the necessary use of power tools and manpower to get the job done. After filling in the hole that is left from tree stump removal, you got yourself a clean yard ready for a wide variety of landscape aesthetic improvement.

Stump Grinding–  is a much less intensive work compared to the stump removal process. Machine is used to completely shred the stump down into small pieces and leave the tree’s roots behind. While grinding deals with the visible remains of the tree, roots are still spread out underground and decay is a lengthy process.

Seek a certified arborist or tree care service to help advise and deal with your tree stump problems as they have the right tools and knowledge on these activities.

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